WHAT IS THE Limoges College?

Limoges College

Founded in 1991 by Christian Limoges, the Limoges College relies on the profound conviction that the body is one of nature’s marvels and is capable of self-healing. This is the underlying philosophy for the Limoges College’s teachings.

Christian Limoges leverages his decades of clinical and field experience to serve students interested in and desiring to increase this philosophy.

The student is led to understand the intelligence of a body which functions in perfect coherence. Those which we call illnesses are in fact the expressions of an organism seeking to find the energy required to maintain perfect health.

The Limoges College applies itself to make known the laws which rule the body. “Everything begins with oneself. Strength, immunity and the absence of disease are a matter of internal cleanliness and of integrity of the tissues.’’ The answers lie in nutrition and nature.






Christian Limoges, Founder and Teacher in Naturopathy & herbalist

Christian Limoges

Christian Limoges is a naturopath and a quality of life specialist. After more than thirty years spent in the service of people’s health, his approach is now internationally acclaimed. Building on his success, Christian revealed to the general public the fundamental principles of his method in the book La naturopathie : une nouvelle option.

Although he is a director and teacher at the Limoges College*, an international speaker, an author and consultant, Christian is first and foremost the father of four children. Naturally, the best of his time is devoted to his family…

Tania Tsingakis, Anatomy Instructor

Tania Tsingakis

Tania Tsingakis est notre enseignante pour le cours d'anatomie au Limoges College. Diplômée elle-même du Limoges College, elle pratique aussi en tant que naturopathe depuis plusieurs années. Son énergie et sa passion de transmettre son savoir vous charmeront à coup sûr!

Sarah Morneau-Paquette, herbology teacher

Sarah Morneau-Paquette

Sarah Morneau-Paquette is a herbalist, teacher and student of the Herb'Holiste Academy, consultant at the herbal boutique "L'Achimiste en Herbe" and co-coordinator of the collective project "Craterre", which is an urban agriculture collective in Montreal. For many years she has been sharing her passion for nature and herbalism by offering workshops on herbal craft making as well as general herbalism knowledge in Montreal. She is also the owner of an up-and-coming business named "La buissonière herboristerie", for which she makes therapeutic and cosmetic products of high quality with wild and local herbs. Truly passionate about her work, she has made it her mission to allow the knowledge of herbal medicine to be accessible for all to understand and enjoy safely.


  • We believe that our most precious possession is life.

  • We believe that we must mobilize all of life’s forces against all the forces of death.

  • We believe that a mutual understanding brings about a mutual cooperation, and that a mutual cooperation brings about peace and that peace is the only way that humanity will survive.

  • We believe that we must preserve our natural resources rather than waste them, with the goal of leaving our children a legacy.

  • We believe that we must stop polluting our air, our water and our soil, which are the basis of life.

  • We believe that we must preserve our planet’s vegetation; the sacred grass which appeared 50 million years ago, the majestic trees which appeared 20 million years ago, in order to prepare our planet for the coming of the human race.

  • We believe that we must eat pure, whole and natural foods, free of chemicals and artificial processing.

  • We believe that we must live a simple life, creative and natural, absorbing all sources of energy and of knowledge, around us and within us.

  • We believe that we must live a simple life, be creative on our planet, which must begin by individual efforts, given that all depends on the atoms which compose it.

  • We believe in the paternity of God, the maternity of Mother Nature and the fraternity of mankind.


Naturopathy began 2500 years ago. Born of the millennial tradition in ancient Greece, it is closely related to Hippocrates, the father of the art of medicine who said “Let food be thy medicine."

Following in this tradition the Limoges College places nutrition at the heart of its approach. The naturopath teaches how to properly nourish oneself in order to avoid medications and surgeries.

With this approach we are working to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. Our interventions aim to reinforce these mechanisms. As such, symptoms and diseases have little hold on a strong organism.

At the Limoges College our vision is essentially holistic. We believe that disease is a result of an ensemble of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors.

Also, the causes of illness can be brought back to :

  • The ignorance of the laws of life
  • A deficient heredity
  • Toxaemia or abnormally elevated accumulation of all undesirable substances in the organism
  • Natural deficiencies

Any measure aiming to recover health must essentially be oriented towards knowledge.
Through knowledge the individual becomes aware of the immense self-healing power which resides within him and he therefore, little by little, finds his confidence.

We follow the various principals of naturopathy which are :
1- First, do no harm. The symptoms of a disease are signs of healing. Eliminating them can thwart the return of health. 
2- Nature holds its own healing power. The naturopath’s role consists of rendering available the forces of life in each individual so they may have access to health.
3- Discover and treat the cause. The naturopath seeks the causes of the illness. Natural balance is achieved not only by the elimination of symptoms but when the causes are found.
4-  Teaching. The naturopath teaches others how to naturally acquire and preserve health.
5- Prevention. The naturopath teaches how to act on the environment and the lifestyle in order to avoid and reduce the risks of illness.


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