Who We Are

At Limoges College, our teachings are based on the deeply held conviction that the body has the innate ability to regenerate and heal itself, as long as it has everything it needs to function properly. 

Our students can tap into over 30 years of study and clinical practice by founder Christian Limoges and other specialists in their journey toward optimal health and renewed vitality. 

The central purpose of our school is to be a place where knowledge is shared and disseminated so that anyone can learn more about the workings of the human body. Those who wish to build on this knowledge can pursue their studies in naturopathy to become a therapist and guide others on the path to a healthier, fuller life.

Our Vision of Naturopathy

Let food be thy medicine.


The word NATUROPATHY that comes from the latin word NATURA “nature” and PATHOS “disease” means treating
diseases through the ways of nature.

At Limoges College, we believe that we are not so much what we eat as what we digest. It may sound like a simple idea on the face of it, but it is actually quite complex. 

Drawing on his clinical experience and what he learned from renowned health experts Bernard Jensen and Robert Morse, founder Christian Limoges firmly believes that most health problems can be traced back to unresolved digestive issues. 

This is the foundation of all of his teachings. By helping the body eliminate what it no longer needs, we can ensure it absorbs essential nutrients more efficiently and reach its full potential. 

During your program of study, you will learn how to unlock the power of nature to nourish and heal.

Our Facilities and Our Portal

Our classes are taught in hybrid format from our facilities in Montreal for both our in-person students and those who are attending virtually via the Google Classroom platform. 

The result is a convenient learning solution for anyone, regardless of geographical or scheduling restrictions. 

Our online portal is also an invaluable tool for students enrolled in our fast-track or custom programs.

Our Team

Christian Limoges

Founder and Instructor in Naturopathy

Christian Limoges is a naturopath and a quality of life specialist. After more than thirty years spent in the service of people’s health, his approach is now internationally acclaimed. Building on his success, Christian revealed to the general public the fundamental principles of his method in the book La naturopathie : une nouvelle option.

Although he is a director and teacher at the Limoges College*, an international speaker, an author and consultant, Christian is first and foremost the father of four children. Naturally, the best of his time is devoted to his family…

Tania Tsingakis

Anatomy Instructor

Tania Tsingakis est notre enseignante pour le cours d’anatomie au Limoges College. Diplômée elle-même du Limoges College, elle pratique aussi en tant que naturopathe depuis plusieurs années. Son énergie et sa passion de transmettre son savoir vous charmeront à coup sûr!

Sarah-Maria Leblanc

Herbology Instructor

Classroom Rental

Reach out to us for more information at info@limoges.college